The purpose of the Seattle University Project on Family Homelessness is to engage the public in ending family homelessness.  Most people know us because of the Journalism Fellowships on Family Homelessness, which was our first initiative four years ago.

We’ve been up to a lot since then.

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Our biggest projects this summer of 2014 are the StoryCorps “Finding our Way” project and supporting the work of our sister project, Film & Family Homelessness.

We hope you’ll find some fresh ideas for how you can work with us to make homelessness among families rare, brief and not repeated.

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Recent Posts

New Infographics on Childhood Homelessness, Education, and Child Development

Like Infographics? Interested in visual representations of some of the issues that can accompany childhood homelessness and poverty? Then take a peek at the infographics we recently created for our seven-part series, “Homelessness and Poverty in the Public Education System.” Learn more by reading the series on Firesteel’s website here

At the Project on Family Homelessness, we are always interested in how homelessness, poverty and stress impact child development and adult outcomes. Recent research into these relationships for our seven-part series “Homelessness and Poverty in the Public Education System” yielded not only great insights, but, thanks to the talents of our digital designer Krista Kent, 10 new infographics.

Originally designed to accompany the series introduction and each of the seven parts of the series, they address everything from the academic impacts of homelessness, to classroom indicators that a child isn’t stably housed, to the intersection of homelessness and special ed services. Easy to understand and visually appealing, they are a great resource for advocates, social service providers and educators. We hope that you find them useful. Please feel free to share them widely.

Watch for our “super-infographic” summarizing key concepts from the whole series in early October!

How McKinney-Vento & IDEA Help Children Who are Homeless McKinney-Vento IDEA, Homeless Children, man with umbrella over child

Evaluation Tips and Special Education Service Delivery Strategies for Student Experiencing Homelessness

Special education evaluation homeless students, bridge
Emotional Disturbance and Youth Outcomes
Emotional disturbance, infographic, youth outcomes, graduation cap, unemployment check
 Barriers to Special Education Services for Children who are Homeless
Barriers to special education services for children who are homeless, homeless students, child reaching for door
 How the Stress of Homelessness and Poverty Impacts Children’s Academic Perfomence
Stress, poverty, children who are homeless, academic performace, graduation cap, child who is distressed, child reading, child counting
 ACE Score and Relation to Adult Homelessness
ACE score, adult homelessness, ACE chart
 How Poverty & Poor Housing Affect Child Health
poverty, poor housing quality, cracked house, woman's face
 Classroom Indicators of Homelessness
classroom, homelessness, indicators, child in classroom, distressed
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