Community Events

In addition to the exhibition hosted by the Seattle Public Library, a variety of community organized events will be held in the following months. Each of these are designed to encourage public dialogue about Seattle’s housing crisis over the last 30 years, particularly in regard to how it affects youth and families in King County and its surrounding areas. We hope that you’ll join us!
Date TBD: Youth Art Workshop
SAM and I had a preliminary meeting and Sarah Bloom and I will be following up on details, including checking in with PCNW/Michelle.
Date TBD: Martin Bell’s Talk w/ Tiny at SPL Screening of “Tiny”
Conversation in progress about dates
9/23 (To be confirmed) SPL Screening of “Streetwise” + music program @ Olympic Sculpture Park
We are still not 100% confirmed on public screenings that are offsite. Last week we identified September 23 as the date for the OSP/SAM. Philip and I will be following up on details this week
Oct 5 (To be confirmed) Michelle Dunn Marsh’s Art History Talk on Mary Ellen Mark
Michelle: May we check in about the dates for your talk today or tomorrow? I’m checking 10/5 for our Auditorium.
Oct 29: Advocacy Workshop + Community Conversation
Firesteel and Seattle University chatted with SPL about holding the proposed advocates training on 10/29.