Homelessness In King County:
Who, Why, and What Can I Do?


Individual graphics
from the Infographic:

One Night Count number
Homelessness is lethal
Homeless families w/children
Racial Disparity
Homeless for the first time
Homeless people from WA/King County
Population by age
Living in places not meant for human habitation

Child Homelessness & Toxic Stress:
Far-Reaching Consequences


Who Are Washington’s
Homeless Children and Youth?

Student Homelessness in
Washington State 2014-15




Homelessness and Poverty in the Public Education System

A 9-graphic series addressing everything from the academic impacts of homelessness, to classroom indicators that a child isn’t stably housed, to the intersection of homelessness and special ed services. Individual graphics available below, or download the full series.

How the Stress of Homelessness and Poverty Impacts Children's Academic Performance
How the Stress of Homelessness and Poverty Impacts Children’s Academic Performance



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