Welcome to the Project on Family Homelessness’ new portfolio site! 

At the Project on Family Homelessness, we work with advocacy partners across the region to help tell the stories of families who are homeless, and connect those stories to meaningful action. Take a look at some of our most recent projects — we hope you’ll find some fresh ideas for how you can work with us to make homelessness among families rare, brief, and one time only.


Recent Projects

Ignite Project Homeless

A community storytelling event with The Seattle Times… Continue reading Ignite Project Homeless

Affordable Housing Week 2018

A county-wide effort to advocate for affordable housing… Continue reading Affordable Housing Week 2018

The Florida Project — Taking Action to Help Kids Like Moonee

Advocacy tools to help people take action… Continue reading The Florida Project — Taking Action to Help Kids Like Moonee

Pongo Poetry at Schoolhouse Washington

Using poetry to amplify the voices of children experiencing housing instability … Continue reading Pongo Poetry at Schoolhouse Washington

Seattle Mayoral Candidates Talk About Housing and Homelessness

  A Voter Education Project in partnership with leading housing and homelessness advocacy organizations.

More Projects