Doorway Project’s Pop-Up Café – Fall Quarter 2018

By Anneke Karreman, Student Project Assistant, Seattle University’s Project on Family Homelessness


When the Doorway Project at the University of Washington asked us to join them for their Pop-Up Cafe at the Husky Union Building (HUB) on Oct. 18, 2018, it was an opportunity we couldn’t pass up. With an increasing number of homeless youth in King County, the event was centered around the need to deepen the conversation on homelessness as well as housing and food insecurity, both on and off campus at the University of Washington.

We hosted a Story Station featuring some of our favorite stories from our collections. Our team members Anneke, Connor and Madison collaborated on research, visual communication elements, and advocacy materials for the event.

Doorway Project Anneke and Madison
Anneke (L) and Madison representing SU at the Pop-Up Cafe

Brochure: Designed by Madison, the pamphlet provides county-wide statistics on youth homelessness and action tips students can take to combat the issue, no matter their time commitment. For the full brochure, click here..

Doorway Project inside brochure snip
The inside of the Action Tips brochure. Design by Madison Vucci, with Anneke Karreman.



Poster: We created this poster to beckon Cafe-goers over to our table.

Doorway Project poster snip
Event poster to attract people to our story station. Design by Anneke Karreman.

Sticker: Students love stickers — for their laptops, water bottles and more — so we designed this as a fun giveaway.

Doorway Project sticker snip
Sticker created as a giveaway. Design by Anneke Karreman.


Slideshow: Our past work with StoryCorps “Finding Our Way” and the American Refugees animated film project provided insightful stories through the narratives of young people with lived experience of homelessness. We used quotes from these stories to create a visually compelling slideshow to provide a window into their personal experiences.


Be sure to check out what the Doorway Project is about!

If you’re interested  in becoming a volunteer, community partner, or  and/or a member of the Doorway team, contact:

WORK TYPE: Event Branding and Advocacy Materials

CLIENT: Our project, for partnership with The Doorway Project

DESIGNERS: Madison Vucci & Anneke Karreman in collaboration with Connor Crinion

YEAR: 2018

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