Our Work


Preserving stories of homelessness from those who’ve experienced it.… Continue reading StoryCorps

The Moth, Home: Lost and Found

Stories of homelessness told live.… Continue reading The Moth, Home: Lost and Found

Hack to End Homelessness

A two-day event that brought together tech and advocacy… Continue reading Hack to End Homelessness

American Refugees

Four animated short films about real families, homelessness, and resilience.… Continue reading American Refugees

All Home Infographic 2016

An infographic displaying data on the state of homelessness in our community… Continue reading All Home Infographic 2016

Journalism Fellowships

The fellowships program yielded outstanding and unprecedented in-depth reporting by eight different news organizations and independent journalists.… Continue reading Journalism Fellowships

Student Homelessness in Washington

Infographic… Continue reading Student Homelessness in Washington

Affordable Housing Week

Logo Design… Continue reading Affordable Housing Week


Logo Design… Continue reading SKHHP Logo

Schoolhouse Washington

Logo Design… Continue reading Schoolhouse Washington

Firesteel Partnership

A close partnership that has yielded some of our most colorful advocacy projects.… Continue reading Firesteel Partnership


Star of the Academy-Award winning documentary, Inocente visits Seattle.… Continue reading Inocente

Poverty and Toxic Stress in Children

One-day workshop at Seattle U in summer 2016.… Continue reading Poverty and Toxic Stress in Children

Streetwise Revisited

Captivating audiences again with a public education program centered on the life of “Tiny.”… Continue reading Streetwise Revisited

State of Emergency: Communicators Rising to the Challenge of Homelessness Handout

Handout Design… Continue reading State of Emergency: Communicators Rising to the Challenge of Homelessness Handout

“Get Involved” Poster

New poster with 10 ways you can help.… Continue reading “Get Involved” Poster

HHAD 2017 At Seattle U

HHAD at Seattle University… Continue reading HHAD 2017 At Seattle U

Count Us In Infographic

Infographic Design… Continue reading Count Us In Infographic

Renters’ Rights 101

A campaign to connect young renters with tools and action during Affordable Housing Week.… Continue reading Renters’ Rights 101