Housing and Homelessness Advocacy Day

HHAD 2019 Olympia A&C with structure

Our team has supported Housing and Homelessness Advocacy Day (HHAD), hosted by Washington Low Income Housing Alliance, since 2013 — by sending a team to advocate in Olympia, or hosting campus events, or both. For the first time, we’re compiling all of our activities in one place. (Here’s how far we’ve gotten…)

2019: The Postcard Display

Our 2019 student team, Anneke and Connor, took the legacy of a postcard project one step further by building a display and installing it in front of the Legislative Building for HHAD. They share the ins and outs here.

2018: “Do the Write Thing”

HHAD Backgorund
The student team at HHAD 2018. Illustration by Madison Vucci.

Our students were inspired by last year’s team and the creation of messages to lawmakers. So for 2018, our student team created a series of campus events to collect advocacy postcards to deliver to Olympia. They ended up delivering 545 postcards to the chair of the Senate Ways & Means Committee. They reflect on their success with three projects:

HHAD 2018 Katie Declassified Guide Cover
From the cover of Katie’s flipbook.

2017: “Give a Heart, Get a Heart”

HHAD Shan with Have a Heart sign

Khadija, Mandy and Shan hosted “Give a Heart, Get a Heart” on campus to collect messages about the meaning of home, then delivered their poster full of messages to Olympia. After HHAD, Shan shared her experience as a first-time advocate;  Khadija collected everyone’s most memorable social media posts in a Storify; and Mandy created a helpful “road map” to guide advocates through the day. Before the big day, Shan helped everyone get ready by compiling the best tips from four years of the Social Media 101 workshop; and the team joined partners for the annual Social Media Day of Action.

2016 and 2015: Coming soon. Keep going!


Tiana Quitugua
Tiana Quitugua

Our project assistant Tiana couldn’t go to HHAD, so she hatched the concept of hosting the first-ever campus event to support the advocacy activities going on in Olympia. Read her recap, and her nine valuable tips about hosting events like these, on Firesteel. Meanwhile, Haley joined Catherine and Graham in Olympia and compiled this photo essay.

 2013HHAD Graham Ashwin Judy Perry

It was our first year bringing a team to HHAD! (L-R) Project coordinator Graham and project assistants Ashwin, Judy and Perry spent the day learning from the best of advocates. Afterwards, Perry asked her fellow assistants to share what they learned from “Standing on the Shoulders of Giants.”

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