Seattle Mayoral Candidates Talk About Housing and Homelessness

Seattle Skyline by Mandy_January 2017

A Voter Education Project in partnership with leading housing and homelessness advocacy organizations.

Seattle University’s Project on Family Homelessness is partnering with Solid Ground, Housing Development Consortium, Seattle-King County Coalition on Homelessness and Washington Housing Alliance Action Fund to bring housing and homelessness to the forefront of this fall’s Seattle mayoral election.

Before the Aug. 1 Primary

You can now consult an online Voters’ Guide on Housing and Homelessness, created with our partner organizations, to see how the candidates would address our region’s needs. The Voters’ Guide is the result of a Mayoral Candidate Questionnaire on Housing and Homelessness which we sent June 30 to all 21 candidates in the primary election; 11 candidates responded to the seven questions.

Also, check out this list of some of the Mayoral Candidate Forums before the primary.

Before the Nov. 7 General Election

The partners will host a candidate forum at Seattle University, Tuesday, Sept. 12 at 7 p.m. Save the date and watch for more information after the Aug. 1 primary.


One thought on “Seattle Mayoral Candidates Talk About Housing and Homelessness

  1. Dear Administrators”
    Please be conscientious when deciding the fate of the homeless populous of Seattle because of your great leadership skills we are the solution to end the homelessness crisis. Therefore, please use the utmost care when you use funding for the homeless people!
    Additionally, the domino effect is a perpetual strain on the economy when the sweeps waste the tax payers money!
    Accessory Unit Dweller

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