State of Emergency: Communicators Rising to the Challenge of Homelessness Handout

To set the stage for a conversation about homelessness in our region at the Puget Sound Public Relations Society of America Annual Meeting, Oct. 20, 2016, we wanted some kind of creative handout featuring the guest speakers. We had recruited the speakers, who are partners of ours who communicate about homelessness on a daily basis. Our designer, Mandy Rusch, suggested using vector illustrations of the speakers to introduce the messages each speaker wanted to share. The result: A concise collection of perspectives that conveys important facts and connects us to action.

Downloadable pdf here.


Anne Martens, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Brandy Sincyr, Columbia Legal Services
Davida Ingram, The Seattle Public Library
Denise Miller, Firesteel/ YWCA Seattle | King | Snohomish
Reiny Cohen, Washington Low Income Housing Alliance


WORK TYPE: Handout/Illustration

CLIENT: Collaboration of five partners for Public Relations Society of America annual meeting

DESIGNER: Mandy Rusch

YEAR: 2016

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