Madison Vucci

Madison Vucci photo

Digital Design Student Project Assistant, 2017-18 school year; Freelance Designer, Fall 2018

Madison Vucci was born and raised in the Bay Area — with her mother in the sheltered, wealthy county of Marin, and her father in the gritty, “apathetic” city of San Francisco. Growing up between these two environments exposed Madison to the true dichotomy of privilege and disadvantagement, as she went to school with kids who lived in mansions but would see children begging for change in the city. This early understanding of inequality in America was the root of what pushed Madison to make an impact on society with her art.

Bertolt Brecht’s quote, “Art is not a mirror held up to reality but a hammer with which to shape it,” best describes Madison’s goal in becoming a graphic designer. Her dedication to this goal is what makes her a passionate and creative addition to this project.

Additionally, Madison has gained hands-on community outreach experience while volunteering at Mary’s Place, a homeless sheltered aimed to empower women, children, and families to regain their lives by providing resources, nourishment, and a safe community.

A Digital Design senior at SU, Madison is a dedicated artist who is always eager to help those in need, and says she is looking forward to contributing to a local cause as great as family homelessness.

Update: Madison graduated in June 2018 and has stayed on board to help us as a freelancer in fall 2018.

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